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Architectural glass is glass that is used as a building material, view some of the worlds most stunning Architectural designs and engineering accomplishments.

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Glass is changing the world of construction. Due to its characteristics, glass is fast replacing other construction materials.

At Glass-Architecture we aim to provide you with the worlds latest news and accomplishments within the glass industry. ​We aim to spread information about glass and its use in Architecture, Construction and​​ Building.​

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Learn everything you need to know about Glass and Glazing. Get the latest in design and characteristics Glass offers and how you can benefit from including Glass in to your home design. Follow our Blog for all of the latest updates.

Topics we cover

Below are some of the topics we cover in our Blogs and Articles.

Glass Architecture

Architectural glass is glass that is used as a building material. It is most typically used as transparent glazing material in the building envelope, including Flat Roof Windows and windows used in external walls.

Glass in the Home

Glass is becoming more and more popular within our Home Design Projects. Learn about all of the latest Glass Materials as well as Roofing Materials that can be used when designing or renovating your home.


We are all keen to hear about the end product and the changes that are being made, but how is the manufacturing process of glass changing? We spoke to a company who manufacture glass frames for a personalised print company. Read our blog to find out more.

Installation & Repair

We also like to give an insight into the Installation of Glass and Glazing. We also cover cover other topics related to the Glazing world which includes Liquid Roofing and all things within the construction and building industry.

Our Latest Blog Posts and Articles

We have a team of experts that are constantly updating our site with all of the latest news within the Glass and Glazing Industry. Follow our Blogs to get the latest in Design, Manufacturing, Installation and General information on Glass and Glazing Architecture. We also like to cover related topics and we recently covered a new metal garden fence used in a large glazing project!